Friday, September 27, 2013

Emperor Penguins


The aim of the research program at The Foundation of Antarctica Research, Inc. 
is to study the foraging ecology of emperor penguins at the Snow Hill colony in summer (December-March). Emphasis will be placed on seeking understanding of factors affecting survival of a) fledglings on their maiden excursion from the natal site and b) adults during the pre-molt and post-molt fattening phases of the annual cycle.
Of these two areas, knowledge of the pre-molt and post-molt fattening stages and their locations is especially important because both are critical to the emperor penguin annual calendar. Because emperor penguins typically lose more than 30% of their body weight during the molt, it is important they are able to fatten normally both before the molt and after the molt (to re-build body energy reserves) before the new breeding season. Once breeding commences male emperors must fast for four months (females fast for half this period) to successfully raise their chick. Any influences that impair the capacity of emperors to return to normal body weight before and after the molt has the potential to affect breeding frequency as well as the survival of adult and chick as the breeding season unfolds
Factors affecting survival are likely to be interactions with commercial fishing (krill, finfish) operations in the Weddell Sea and South Atlantic regions, and global warming related changes to the dynamics of the pack-ice zone and the food web. The results of the program will be published in the international scientific literature and submitted to appropriate management for a, such as the Committee for Environmental protection of the Antarctic Treaty and the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (oversees the management of ecologically sustainable fisheries in the Southern Ocean) MORE

Emperor Penguins

So, the truth is I do have a favorite penguin species, even though I love all penguins to the trillionith degree! I am certain you like them too since you surfed to this page. So here's the deal. I'm leaving the homework up to you. This page is going to be a community praise page for all sorts of penguins. You can present their facts and figures, you can tell us about your history with penguins, write stories about penguins, create love letters to penguins, post poems about penguins, send me photos, drawings and videos about penguins to consider for posting, post news articles with sources, post links to penguin education, even post a full page penguin dissertation, but whatever you say must be expressed with LOVE and RESPECT for these precious little creatures. 

Pick your favorite, do some research about it and share what you love about your favorite penguins. When we get to 1000 posts here, I am going to print this page off with a letter to the president of the United States and a few pertinent agencies letting them know that the GLOBAL HUMAN SPECIES LOVE PENGUINS and we need to save their habitat. Are you with me? PRETTY PLEASE, POST BELOW FOR THE PENGUINS! 

It takes a community!


Antarctica's great Southern Ocean is the last pristine ocean wilderness left on Earth. This year leaders from 25 countries have an opportunity to create the world's largest marine sanctuaries around Antarctica. The proposals are in front of them, the science has been done, all they need to do is say YES. Tell our leaders to make the right decision when they meet this year and protect these waters for future generations.

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